VRAM total= 800+mb

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  • http://img709.imageshack.us/img709/3951/idunno.png

    Now someone explain why is that happening? Is that even right?

  • I see grafix!

    How much VRAM does your card have anyways?

  • I only have a built in 256mb video card . I think the one causing it is the tiled background. Cuz its one huge image imported as a tiled background lol. And its size is greater than the game screen which is 640x480.

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  • We already talked about your sprite usage in chat, so you know what's up there. Now let's talk about backgrounds.

    That serene forest floor background you have is awfully pretty. It's also huge and wasteful. You need to make that background out of separate objects.

    Do this:

    1. Make a nice repeating grass texture. A size of 128x128 might do. You might need 256x256 if you want a lot of detal. Okay, stretch a Tiled Background with that texture over your whole screen.

    2. Make an assortment of rocks. Maybe, say, four different rocks of varying sizes. Have those be single-frame sprites. Place them over your grass texture in semi-random spots.

    3. Make a few kinds of bushes, two kinds trees, and a handful of different little flowers and maybe some small clumps of grass. Do the same as the rocks, copying instances around to fill up the space.

    Ta-daa! You have a pretty, serene forest background that doesn't take up a MILLION TERABYTES OF VRAM. That's how game graphics are done. With small, repeatable bits that you can make large pictures out of. Not with gigantic images.

  • Looks like the stats have gone haywire, the CPU wait time is over 600% beneath that, which is impossible. Must be a bug in the VRAM usage measurer, I wouldn't trust that number at all...

  • If it went to around 900mb, I'd say ITS OVER 9000!!! Or 900... . Anyway, I figured it was the tiled BG after looking at the layout like a CSI investigator :p . THanks for the help guys! Appreciated it. Cheers!

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