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  • I've tried to search in other threads for a solution, but didn't find anything that helped solve my problem.

    I'm just getting started in Construct, and tried out the beginner's tutorial. Having finished it, with the explosion effect set to Additive (because my card doesn't support Pixel Shader) I get this error when I try to run my game:

    <img src="http://files.getdropbox.com/u/507274/error.png">

    I have an integrated card with 96MB memory without pixel shader support. I tried turning off what few effects I had, but still got the same error.

    So, um, help.

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  • I had the same thing when I first started. The solution was to update my video drivers.

    Might try that.

  • Did you get the 96mb figure from the tool in the other forum ('what's your video hardware')? If so, that's very very little even given the fact the tool grossly overestimates physical VRAM. What actual video card is it? Look up the spec, and if you have 32mb or less of on-board VRAM, you probably have too old and limited a card to run Construct. You could also try updating your video drivers.

  • I used DXDiag to find the specs of my card. I checked, but there are no driver updates for my card.

  • You should post the exact specs. It's probable your hardware just isn't modern enough to cope.

  • Okay, here's the exact specs. I probably posted some irrelevant details, but I don't know that much about hardware. I just put in everything that I thought might be useful.

    Computer model: Dell DE051

    OS: Windows XP Home Edition SP3 version 5.1

    Processor: Intel Celeron 3.06 GHz

    RAM: 512 MB

    Graphics card: Intel 82865G Graphics Controller (integrated)

    Total VRAM: 96.0 MB

    DirectX version: 9.0c


    I think I know what might have caused the error, and I believe it's a bug in Construct. I have started another small game project, and I tried adding in a 3D box, just for fun. I got the same error as I posted earlier.

    THEN, however, I removed the 3D box and the error still occured, and I believe that somehow Construct still thinks that it needs to load said object. I think I will report this to the bug tracker.

  • The important bit is Intel 82865G Graphics Controller (integrated). Intel graphics really, really suck. And as far as I can tell, it only has 16mb of actual on-card video memory (the 96mb figure includes ordinary RAM allocated to the graphics card which cannot always be used), which isn't enough for Construct. I'm afraid you need to use better graphics hardware to use Construct. You can buy fairly old nVidia and ATI cards pretty cheap these days, and cards by those manufacturers (even old cheap ones) are light years ahead of Intel graphics.

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