Vertically moving platforms and scrolling

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  • Well those two things don't mix very well it seems.

    When I created a simple vertical platform with bullet behavior everything seemed fine. But as soon as scrolling was involved, the platform appeared to vibrate under the player (using platform behavior).

    So I checked out different methods of creating vertical platforms, but it's basically always the same, with one little exception.

    But have a look at the example cap pretty please:

    Vertical Platform Example

    There are four platforms, all using different methods to function. Only the fourth brown platform appears to be okay with scrolling though. All others appear to be vibrating. But the brown platform uses a very ugly method, simply with events and the old timedelta workaround, which I don't like to use in actual projects.

    So am I doing something wrong (I don't think so, but you are smarter than me ) or is there something else that can be done about it? Or is it even something that needs fixing by the devs?

  • Okay I was looking further into this, when I realized there was an issue in general with moving platforms and the platform behavior in 0.99.42. Look at another simple example created in 0.98.9:

    Download Example

    When you run it in 0.98.9, everything looks fine. Load it into 0.99.42 and run it and you get a heavily vibrating platform. I guess I should report this to the bug tracker.

  • Vertical moving platforms are broken I believe (or were), a known issue. David should get round to it soon.

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  • Vertical moving platforms are broken I believe (or were), a known issue. David should get round to it soon.

    That's good to know Rich. Thx.

    But still the issue doesn't seem to be concerning vertically moving platforms exclusively, a similar weird behavior is true for horizontal platforms as well. I added it already to the tracker (

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