Vertical platform jitter issue in ver 0.99.94 ?

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  • In version 0.99.94 of Construct, I'm having the problem where the object using platform behavior won't stick to the vertical moving platforms... I was under the impression that this was fixed as of a previous version, and I've loaded at least one other persons *.cap file that doesn't have the issue. I've compared their setup to mine, to no avail. I don't know what I'm missing, but here's my *.cap file... maybe somebody else can figure out what i've got screwed up lol

    Use the arrow keys to move. Up is jump. Go left to find the vertical platform. The object with the platform behavior is "Player". The other sprite, "Billy", is just the animated sprite that's displayed. It has no relevant behavior.

    NOTE: This uses Pygame for joystick support and I've only removed the include for the "eJoy" script, but the script is still in the file so if the *.cap won't run, just delete the whole eJoy event sheet.

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