Vertical moving platform

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  • Has anyone got idea how to make a vertical moving platforms? the way i did it doesn't work as it should - object ( square ) has got sin movement behav. when character jumps on it, it does shake character quite a lot.

  • It looks like it's borked. The vertical platforms used to be smoother, and Platform attribute worked as well (now the player falls through when it's moving upwards). Perhaps there was some change in the Platform Behavior that caused it to not be quite so smooth...

    Also, it looks like the Platform behavior registers "is jumping" or "is falling" while on a vertical platform. Maybe that's the problem... if the Platform behavior is "on ground," then perhaps it should automatically override jumping/falling status? I don't know... seems logical to me, but there might be cases where you don't want that to happen.

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  • This was working just one or two builds ago; hopefully David can hotfix it.

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