Various problems with 3D Object

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  • heres the cap:

    heres the obj

    (be sure to have those two in one folder)

    whats my problem:

    1.first of all i dont see the 3d object from editor. it is just invisible. it is visible ingame thought and in a correct way. and it BECOMES visible in editor when i clone it with CTRL key and draging. i dont know if its a bug or not

    2. to simulated shadow over planet i decided to make a shadow sprite and put it on top of that d object. and i must say it works perfectly... for a few seconds. After that, with planet rotation some parts of the shadow starts to stick out and in from/on planet 3d object. i dont know what cuases this as i have set both position equal and theres no position changing.

    3. i wanted the shadow to be more dynamic so i wanted him to rotate when i press "->" and "<-" arrows. but to my suprise the Shadow sprite doesnt move at all. ive first used

    when arrow key pressed -> rotate cloclwise/counter clockwise

    then i used set angle Shadow.angle +10

    and it failed too. what i do wrong?

    4. is there a way to include obj files in exe?

    5. how to make the sphear act as one...? >_> i mean, to remain round regardless of where the player is (at this point it becomes more like an egg when player is far away)


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