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  • I want to have a value from ini file in file name.

    i am trying it with scirras save/load system (for now it is easier to learn).

    i have a value in ini file (group,item,value), the value is for example number 5

    how do i need to write it if i want my save be named save5 (it means save + value from ini). is it possible?


  • I just want to say that I achieve that the save is named exactly as value. (example "5")... but I dont know how to write it to have some word before this value - for example "save5"

  • I'd love to make an example, but I've run out of time for a while now. My open source game had a save/load system like this, both for saving a player profile for each player or for loading from different INI file names. You can view the topic/link to download here

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  • I think what You want is this: "Save" & 'numberVariable'

    For example if You want to name Your save file "Save 5", and 5 is inside the global variable numberVariable, then You write the name of the save file as: "Save " & global('numberVariable')


    I just saw You want the number value from the .INI file.

    Then You would basically write it the same; just replace the global variable with the .INI file value: "Save " & INI.ItemValue(Group, Item)

  • JayJay: it can be very useful for me, but i dont know where to find plugins that you use :(

    Shindoh: thanks, it works :)

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