Using Plasma in python script

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  • There is test cap file:

    I transfer these event:

    + System: Always (every tick)

    -> fireball: Set position to object rot_arm (image point 1)

    -> Plasma: Paste fireball into plasma

    into python script:

    fireball.X = rot_arm.ImagePointX("point")

    fireball.Y = rot_arm.ImagePointY("point")


    Plasma is shown in upper case, but not in lower case (python script).

    How to using Plasma in python script?

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  • You have to use quotes in most of the cases.

    if 1:

         fireball.X = rot_arm.ImagePointX("point")

         fireball.Y = rot_arm.ImagePointY("point")


    btw this "if" doesnt do anything, if you want to use python(properly), learn about the language itself(it's really easy, you can learn the basics in days.)

  • Thanks, the plasma works.

    Dose "Plasma.PasteObject("fireball")" means I can not designate a target instance(ex: fireball[0]) from a kind object?

    "if 1:" is just a switch to easy turn off python script by change "1" to "0"(just for testing purpose). The built-event can turn off by clicking "Toggle event".

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