Using Magenta Bug

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  • I have been working on a game (That I plan to sell) that uses colour blending to destroy certain coloured spike orbs. Thats all I have at the moment. But whenever I used Magenta (Red 255 Blue 255) the colour becomes entirely transparent! It is not the cap, but the application itself. I can fix it by making the alpha 254, which I don't mind. I just wanted to ask if you guys know whats up?

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  • its the invisible colour, makes importing graphics easier, i didn't even notice in my 2 years of construct use

  • Edit:, yup^^

    "Magic pink" is often used in games to replace an alpha channel, as it is not an often used color.

    In Construct this is more or less a vestigial function, since we have full alpha channel support.

    Edit:, yup^^

  • I knew it had to be something related to that. Id see sprite sheets on Google images with the same colour.

    Sucks it cant be toggled though. I feel more comfortable knowing my Magenta is fully opaque rather than one point less. Some sorta odd perfectionist thing...

    Thanks though.

  • Thats why I never use 'pure' colors on my graphics. My black is 2,2,2 and my white is 254,254,254

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