Is using a layout object the best for pausing?

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  • I tried creating a pause function in this manner, since if I have a layout created as a model, I can have a small pause window on what's going on, effectively freeezing it, and since it's a layout object, I can have it linked to a "Paused" layout that can run a small menu.

    The problem I have is that unlike when I was simply freezing the timescale and unfreezing it, creating a layout object seems to mess with the game's timing. For example, it messes up the timing on the shots from a turret, or messes up the animation on a sprite a little bit.

    Is there any better way of making a pause function, or should I stick with this? I tried doing it this way, since I figured it would be better than trying to copy and paste a bunch of stuff onto each layout I'll need a pause function for.

  • Hmm... can you reproduce in a new .cap and post it on the tracker? I'll see what I can do. I'd go for setting timescale to 0 for pausing though.

  • Um... what's the tracker? ^^;

  • See here:

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  • Um... what's the tracker? ^^;

    Congratulations, you're a beta tester now!

    Please be as specific as possible when describing the bug, including how to recreate it, and be sure to post any example .caps if at all possible.

    It's best to try and recreate the specific bug in a small .cap, rather than posting your entire game. It's easier for the developers to track down that way, as opposed to digging through a lot of events and objects.

  • Alrighty, I posted it up. ^^; Sorry about posting it up twice, but the first time, it didn't seem to go through, so I just clicked to add it again.

    And you guys think this might be a bug? Regardless, you can see what I'm talking about if you run the .cap and try pausing in rapid-fire succession. Just press Enter a bunch of times, and you'll notice the firing rate on the turret becomes faster and more frequent.

    Then let it alone, and you'll see a big change as it returns back to its normal firing rate.

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