Using Families Shrinks Object Icons?

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  • I'm not sure if this is a bug, so I figured I would mention it here first. It seems that if I apply a family to any object in the layout editor, the event editor's object browser will permanently switch from displaying normal icons (32x32) to displaying small icons (16x16). Further more, it appears that opening any .cap file that makes use of families will also elicit this behavior. If multiple projects are open in Construct, the shrunken icons effect is isolated to only the projects in which families were used. Within an affected project, all layouts will exhibit the shrunken icons effect, even if only one layout includes a family assigned object. I don't know of an option to set the size of the icons in the event editor's object browser, so to my knowledge there is no way to get large icons back after using families. That said, I'm still relatively new to Construct, so I may just be overlooking something.

    At any rate, does anyone have any recommendations for how to get large icons and families to work together, and or what I should do with the above information, if anything?

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