Using expressions with newly created objects

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  • I didn't test this in a new .cap yet, but does anyone know if newly created objects can be picked in expressions correctly? For example: I create a sprite, then set its width, then add its width to a global variable. Is construct certain to pick the newly created object in the expression? I'm doing this, and it works, but is it just picking it because it's the newest instance? From what I remember, using the spawn object or system create actions filters the SOL to only the last created object, until the end of the event (or is it until the next action that doesn't have to choose the newly created object?), or until another create object action is called. I just need some professional clarification from the devs.

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  • hello.

    i'm upping this post cause i have the same concern

  • After creating an instance of an object, it is the only selected instance, and using an expression will in fact work with the new instance and only that instance. The new instance will also stay picked for any subevents of that event.

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