Unzipping at runtime

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  • Hello guys,

    I have a problem with unzipping files with my app at runtime... That **** just does not work , so I am doing something extremely wrong. Can anyone show me how to unzip files at runtime?


    PS: Oops... sorry for posting again, I accidentally deleted the previous post

  • What do you mean by unzipping files , if you are talking about .cap files then just double click on them and construct will load them .

  • Well, let's see...

    There's a zip file in a directory. I placed my program made in Construct in that directory, and wanted it to unzip the zip file into folder named as that zip .

  • Using the Zip object I have no problem with these events:

    + System: Start of layout

    -> ZIP: Open archive AppPath & "\Test.zip"

    + ZIP: Archive opened

    -> ZIP: Unzip archive to AppPath & "\Unzipped\"

    + ZIP: Archive extracted

    -> ZIP: Close archive

    If they don't work as expected on your PC are you using Windows Vista by any chance? Or XP?

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  • Thanks so much, finally it worked

    No, I'm NOT using Hasta la Vista because it's pretty laggy

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