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  • Hello! I've updated my Windows 10 OS to latest version (1709) and since then I'm not able to preview my CC games anymore.

    I click both preview buttons ("Run all" and "Run layout") but nothing happens. If I double click directly the EXE containing this preview (Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Scirra) nothing happens as well!!

    This week I visited my parents -- and after updating my mother's old notebook I'm also unable to preview CC games on her computer too.

    Is anymone else having this problem? Or it was just a coincidence that happened to me (same error in 2 different machines)?

    By the way I still can run games created from "Export to EXE" option. I just can't preview them.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • If you haven't installed dx9, install it and see if that helps.

    Otherwise you may have to run the programs in compatibility mode.

  • If you haven't installed dx9, install it and see if that helps.

    Otherwise you may have to run the programs in compatibility mode.

    Thanks for your reply!

    Unfortunately I already had tried these suggestions but they aren't working.

    I guess I'll try to format my PC soon to see if it changes.

    It's strange because CC used to work perfectly until the updates and, once again, it happened in 2 different computers. Now I'm curious to know if was just a coincidence or if CC won't work at all in latest Windows 10 version (possibly a Scirra's dream coming true).

    Any ideas are welcome - but I'll let you know what happened after formatting my PC.

  • I don't have CC or the latest win10 installed so my advice is limited.

    If the preview closes right away or not at all it may be a bug or perhaps the antivirus/win10 blocking exes from running from that location.

    You could run the exe through a debugger or running it from the command line to see if any error messages come up. Since the exported game works fine, i'd say this isn't the issue though.

    If it's something that's blocking the exe from running you could look in the antivirus or windows defender to see if there is a log of blocked exe files, and if that's the case you can see if you can add an exception for that folder/file. I don't know if there is anything else in windows that would block it but googe may help there. Anyways hope some of that is helpful


    I looked again at windows defender and you can see a list of quarantined items and there is a way to make exceptions. My guess is an update made the preview file look shady and automatically blocked it. Overzealous false positive i'd say

  • Thanks for the tips R0J0hound! So far I still can't make previews work - but I'll keep trying.

    I'd appreciate if someone can test if this is also happening to you after install latest W10 updates.

    At least C2 previews are still working - so I can keep making one of my games.

  • We have had issues with Windows 10 updates breaking our CC game. Have you tried toggling Windows 10 Game Mode? You can access it by pressing Win+G.

    My theory is that Win 10 is treating CC apps as not games and is throttling performance. If you tell it that it's a game is seems to help.

    I also noticed that on one machine Win 10 Update downgraded by graphics drivers which caused problems as well. Double check that your drivers are up to date.

    Hope this helps.

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