Two Object Problems

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  • My first problem is one I've asked about before but never got around to posting the .cap file, so I never got an answer. The problem is that the buttons I've made (start game and options) visually look fine. However the area where you can actually click on the button becomes skewed.

    I've highlighted the problem picture here:

    <img src="">

    The red area I have highlighted is where the mouse can actually click. The button however is positioned as it should be visually.

    The second problem I encounter is that when I put my cap on full screen all of the list boxes and buttons on the OPTIONS menu disappear.

    Are these errors exclusive to myself? Or is it something that I am doing incorrectly? If these are errors I'll report them on the bug tracker post haste.

    These problems can be viewed in my .cap here.

  • Can someone at least confirm if they have those problems too? I'd like too add these to the bug tracker if they're bugs common to everyone and just not my shitty ordering of events.

  • Are these buttons sprites or window controls? DirectX doesn't really like using window controls in fullscreen mode - you might want to roll your own with sprites instead (and it might fit the look of your game better too). Or are you using the application runtime?

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  • The buttons with the misaligned "click area's" are my own sprites I created which is a bug that I THINK is unreported and possibly one that effects me only which is the point of this thread.

    And I'd use my own graphics instead of windows controls but I have no idea how I'd make a list box without the window control. Any suggestions?

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