Two enemies close in when in center

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  • Hello everyone, I'm not sure how to word this subject wise

    Here's a little pic of the game to illustrate the scenario

    <img src="">

    What I'm trying to do is have the two ball guys (chompets) stay stationary when you are not between them, but as soon as you are in the middle of the two, they move forward in center to bite you. Once you are out of the middle of them, they retreat back to their normal positions.

    Argh I'm so out of shape in coding...

  • Dog X greater then Ball1 X

    *Dog X lower then Ball2 X

    -Move together


    -Move back again.

    Or is that how the else event works?

  • You could also just use a simple detector which is the same size as the space between the chompets...

    Player is colliding with detector

    -Chompets movement start

    Player is NOT colliding with detector

    -Chompets do nothing

    Apart from making a bit of code that returns them to normal position, that would probably be one way of doing it, though with math it wouldn't matter how far apart they were and it would still work without having to make various detector objects.

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  • Thanks guys I'll try it out. I was having brain poos yesterday

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