Two concerns: Families & InputSystem/CustomControls

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  • First, it seems like custom-made families are still pretty glitchy. As in, they still don't work with the newer versions. I had made my own families for use and they worked just fine in the previous versions, but the newer versions still seem to be glitched up on that. (It's similar to when if you rename ANY of the default controls, they no longer work as properly when they did before.) I'm guessing I should try to find an alternative to creating new families?

    Also, I had put in CustomControls for my game, but never quite got around to implementing it. Is it mostly obsolete now, what with InputSystem? It seems InputSystem can do pretty much the same as CustomControls and even more, what with general PC controller support. Should I just get rid of CustomControls and just use InputSystem?

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  • I may not be really partial in this, but you should use Input System in replacement of Custom Controls

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