Turn Based RPG with variable player/enemy speed

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  • I want to make an RPG with a turn/order based system like Blue Dragon or FFX. In Blue Dragon, at the top of the screen is a thing that shows in what order everyone will be able to move, with some players being able to move twice before someone else can go once. Move order and how often they can move is based on an Agility stat. Also, some moves make the player take longer to be able to move again. The move would add a certain amount of delay (probably relative to his Agility still). You can also charge up attacks (which delays when you actually use the attack and is still Agility determined), but I don't really plan on using something as complex as that.

    Is there any way to make something like this?

  • sure. it seems to be all numbers. lay out the design, then go trough some tutorials to figure out what you'll need and how to go about it.

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  • Yes and Construct should be perfect for that but...

    I would start at a smaller project first.

  • Yes, it's more than possible with Construct.

    But. I've tried something like this and now I'm telling you: "I would start at a smaller project first" Step by step, mate, step by step.

  • Okay, thanks. And yeah, I'm starting with a small project first. My current project is a top-down space shooter.

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