Turn based attack

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  • Hello , i had a question , how to do in construct the turn based attack type ?

    for example : my hero is near the enemy then i click right button and the menu will scroll then i choose attack

    then every 3 seconds the attack value will scroll up.

    Something like in Tibia , maybe it's not good example but i want do similar attack system

    The problem is i don't know how to do the Turn based attack , every other thing's are clear

    i try to put LINE OF SIGHT into an enemy to check the hero is near but i don't know what to do next

    i had the other question too, is there any roguelike tutorial or rpg for Construct Classic ?

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  • Try finding one in the Construct 2 tutorials section, there will be some differences in the way things are worded and placed, but Construct 2 is still very similar to Construct Classic in eventing style.

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