Trouble with Directsound?

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  • Am I the only one having it? I add an .Mp3 file to the Binary and then create an event: start of layout- play music from resource. but when I test it out nothing plays....

  • In my case it shows "Runtime Error"

  • If you're on Vista or XP SP3, both have issues with DirectSound. If not, I'd suggest updating drivers.

    I am only able to get it to work on XP SP2. Some sound cards do work under Vista with DirectSound (IE - Creative)

  • Wow, thats quite lame. Think running construct in compatability mode for xp s2 would solv it? imma try it.

    Bah I tried it but now instead of doing nothing it gives me an error. lame

  • The Directsound object actually uses Directshow for the 'play music' action - and as far as I know Vista still has good Directshow support. Does it work if you use 'play music from file'? It might be a bug to do with resources.

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  • There are some problems with DirectShow too apparently, but they aren't the same as DirectSound.

    I know when I'm on Vista Play Music doesn't work from resource or otherwise, on three different machines I've tried at work.

    "Q: Do we need to adjust the our code in anyway?

    A: That's hard to say without know what your code does You need to test.

    Vista has its own set of issues such WMP using Media Foundation for WM

    playback, the presence of the EVR, new model for volume control per

    application, etc."

  • yeah playing from the file doesnt work for me either

  • Hmmm i uninstalled the SP3 and its working again.

  • im afraid to uninstall any updates or anything, my onboard chipset is crap and flips out when I mess with that stuff. im not ready to put sound in my game yet maybe when I am it will work then.

  • This whole thing makes me little Microsoft. I realize they can't keep technologies around forever, but DirectSound is still used in so many things it's just dumb of them.

    Plus, I could finish this project in XP SP2, but the person who wants to use it on Vista then gets no sound.

    My case was: No sound for any feature on Vista with or without SP1, so downgraded to XP SP3 with still no sound but a different error message, finally uninstalling SP3 where everything worked fine.

  • Well, the audio engine in Vista is much superior, and XAudio2 is a much more sophisticated API anyway. I guess they want everyone to use their more advanced technology. If we had more people on the team, it would be less of an issue - large companies can probably just throw the manpower at converting their engines.

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