Trouble with Collision detection w/ Plat-Behavior (SOLVED)

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  • Here is the .cap of one of my projects.

    A simple platformer with artsy-fartsy lofi graphics and a (essentially) monochrome color scheme.

    What I'm having trouble is with the player's collision box.

    Now, the old way to do platform stuff is to make a player sprite box, and then the actual sprite you'd see of the player. You know, the whole Platform School stuff.

    Now, that method has been superseded by different more efficient methods. However, I can't seem to get my sprite to have a collision box that I want (you'll see said desired box under the animation "Collision Mask".

    If I set it to anything but bounding box, the sprite falls through the floor (with the exception of Image Point). Don't know why. But I do know that I sure don't want bounding box collision- too many problems. It's probably a simple solution, but I'm a pretty simple type of guy.

    Any help would be appreciated. I hope I don't have to remake the sprite, because that would kinda be tedious. But if I must... Hopefully, there's a more practical solution.

  • I know it's in poor taste to bump, but at the least I waited a day before doing so.

    So I bump.

  • Maybe I don't understand problem, but it looks like you want sprite to have custom per-pixel collision mask, right?

    In Image Editor you'll see "Colision Mask" button (second from right on upper tool panel), which allows you edit... um, collision mask. (But I guess you already know about that cause it looks like you already edited mask)

    Just copy your red collision box in every frame when you in collision mask mode (image canvas will be outlined with red in this mode).

    Right now your collision mask is empty, that's why sprite falls through the floor in per-pixel mode.

    Sorry if u can't understand something due to my poor English or if I did't understand what you want

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  • That's exactly what i needed to do!

    Thank you very much! I was confused as to how to do the collision mask thing, especially with the right-click option that says "Copy collision mask" on the animator tab.

    I understood you loud and clear; thanks for the help.

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