Transparency not showing 100% transparent?

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  • Terve everyone! How is your day going? It's a beautiful day today here in VA!

    I have a small, stupid question, my sprites have a filled transparent color around them, however they appear to have a like 10% semi-transparent fill instead of 100%. Hmm..does that make sense? Ah, the picture will explain what I am talking about! (I search for this and didn't see it asked)

    <img src="">

    What do I need to do to fix this?

  • the easyst way i know is:

    use PNG and its true transparant capabilitys.

    Here you find your own sprites in PNG with true transpanrantie.

    The best program in my eyes to do this is still PhotoShop van Adobe.

    But yes thats expensive.

    Or if u rather go with vectors, go Illustrator.

    But there is a reasonable open source alternative here

    Not so good, but well lets say ok and free is

    And based on the way you paint try also (pointing to style only)

  • You could upload a .cap with a few of the sprites somewhere so we could take a look. I'd guess that you imported sprites from files that have a very light semitransparent background, or you accidentally used a semitransparent brush/fill in the picture editor. You could try using the Magic Wand tool to select the background, and press Delete to clear it to transparent - if that still isn't perfectly transparent, it could be a render bug.

  • Ashley,

    in the graphics world there are 2 accepted ways to treath transparantie.


    The old way, but still used by a lot of applications. De left most bottom pixel is defined as the transparant collor. En de render engine will filter this color out.

    Happy to say this is not how Construct does it.


    True transparanty, as can be find in by instance .PNG files. Where the background is just transparant based on a mask.

    Now well .GIF files still use both methodes. My gues is that he/she is using the first way.

    Wich is (thx god) not compatible with construct.

    In other words, it is not setting the colors defined by the first pixel in the bottom line as transparant. As he/she expected.

    Hope she/she will try out the PNG's that i provided.


  • I used to have problems with this too, until i realized that minimum opacity on the brush tool isn't totaly transparent. If you want to paint with transparent, use the erazor tool. The question now is; Why isn't minimum opacity totaly transparent. It would be much simpler and more logical.

  • I'll admit I used Paint when I saved the file. I just use a white background and fill in the transparent sections using the program (construct in this case). I wouldn't think we should have to set a transparent color in our imagine program to set transparency, shouldn't we be able to do it directly in Construct should we choose? (I do have Photoshop CS3, thanks TheInstance!) I tried using the magic wand & eraser yet i had no response from either. Even the pen tool didn't respond! Is it my machine only? I am using the new version. Perhaps I'm not too smart? LOL I ask to many questions..

    If need be here is the cap file (layout 2)

  • Hey, we all know nobody has to shell out hundreds of dollars to work in a pure-transparency format. Though I agree Construct should be as compatible as possible, there is also logic in supporting the newest formats first. When the core program is complete, maybe then we can worry about the files made with a 20+ year-old program.

  • I took the jaggys as style elements. Now i realize that they might not been.

    If you want true antialising, nice shadows, awsome transparanties and a great rendering by construct ...

    then go by your C3, and save in uncompressed PNG.

    Even the animations look awsome when u point the animator to import PNG frames.

    Captain, Gimp is open source as Construct is, try it out, its a nice thingy : ) and free to use.

    I have seen how you produce nice grafics.

  • The wand tool should be working fine. Click a colour or area you want to make transparent, press delete.

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  • The wand tool isn't picking the semitransparent areas actually - if you fill them with an opaque colour, then delete them with the wand tool, it clears to absolute transparent. Either way, it's not a problem with Construct I don't think - the images actually contain a faint box around them.

  • Maybe a selector should be available for pure transparency, aside from sliding to 0%?

  • Ashley- Alright I guess I'm just getting used to Construct's image editor. I opened up the Main Character under the animation tab and filled in the area with a solid color then used magic wand to make transparent. All is good! Thanks!

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