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  • Looking through this program, it is truly amazing.

    I am having issues with transparency on it though.

    Everything on it looks strange, even in your

    built .exe demos, and ones people here

    have built. Sprites have no transparency,

    and text appears as just colored blocks. The

    sprite editor also has the issue, here is a

    screen of what it looks like when I opened

    up the main character in the ghost game:

    I am using a 64mb graphics card, but that

    shouldn't make a difference, the clickteam

    products handle transparency perfectly,

    but have horrible turning graphics.

  • It might have something to do with the settings of your video card, a little while ago I had my card set on a bunch of different things like anistrophic filtering, temporal antiailiasing etc, and I was getting a number of odd looking things going on in construct, as soon as i turned them to application controlled, construct worked fine.

  • Have any suggested settings then?

    I am messing around with them, but still seeing no changes.

  • I need to know your graphics card make and model to help solve this. It sounds pretty old being 64mb though. There's a chance it just doesn't support DirectX 9 properly. You could try updating your drivers though.

    MMF doesn't actually really use your graphics card so it wouldnt be affected by being out of date/bad drivers etc.


    That should have all the details.

    It is from '04/'05 I believe, laptop though.

    And this is the first program I have seen transparency issues with, using this laptop.

    Doesn't support pixel shaders. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_cry.gif" alt=":cry:" title="Crying or Very sad" />

  • Yeah basically that seems to look like a cheap graphics chip just built in to the motherboard to basically get something on your screen, and it's pretty old too. I doubt the makers had any interest in supporting DirectX. I couldn't even find much in the way of specs/features, except an ATI page with marketing fluff, and the drivers are hard to come by too. The drivers are pretty old - 2004 according to your details - maybe there are newer ones? Try looking for drivers for your laptop model, or motherboard model if you know it. I found official drivers for Windows 2000, but not XP! Lousy support huh? Unfortunately if none of this works, I think you just need a new computer... Construct uses DirectX 9, and if your computer doesn't support it, that's it.

    I guess your PC just can't run Construct because it's too old, but it's slightly possible I coded a subtle bug which has broken it just for your very old chipset. But that's pretty hard for me to test.

    We may write a software renderer in future which would work but... not any time soon I'm afraid!

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  • Okay, thank you for the answer.

    I guess I will just need to save up more money to slowly upgrade my other PC that actually has a somewhat good graphics card that supports pixel shading 2.

  • Give the Omega drivers a try.

    I don't have a link but a quick google for "ATI Omega" should do the trick.

    They solved some graphical problems for me on my laptop.

  • The cheapest cards that support pixel shader 2 - according to wikipedia - are the ATI Radeon 9500 and nVidia GeForce FX 5200 (or anything better than either of them). I can find a 5200 new for about �15, and both appear to be going on ebay for around a tenner.

  • I have a radeon 9550Pro/9600 in my other PC, but I need to upgrade pretty much everything else.

    I would get a new graphics card, but I doubt any would even work with the board and fit correctly in this laptop I am using.

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