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  • Hello... i am currently developing a silent horror game.

    i have created a nice menu which uses the "WARPFADE" effect for switching to and from different layouts.

    however after going from one layout to other couple of times, the game just crashes.

    i have read many posts regarding the BUGGY TRANSITIONS and the conclusion is not to use any !

    but i really need the warpfade effect.

    are there any alternatives? i am not good at python scripting too ! <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • You could try a warpfade to black using a regular fx added to a layer, then do the same to the next layout at its start.

  • can you make me a simple cap with just a transition on it. I'll have a quick look at the runtime code for transitions, and see if it's anything obvious. if it's a quick find/fix, I'll see what I can do.

    I tried adding a transition to a basic cap, and the only option it gave me was 'none'. i've never used transitions before

  • The transitions do cause crashes sometimes , I think it's some kind off memory leak.I always use a sprite that fades to the next layout.Just add the fade behavior to the sprite and when the fade is finished then go to next layout.

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  • Lucid that's because you have to add it first then you select from the combobox


    Here is an example Lucid.

    I have found that the transitions break start of layout events. It runs the events from the second layout when the transition starts.

  • thanks halabalussa and Steven

    I think steven, it makes more sense for it to work the way it does, so then you can have things happening during the transition, instead of an active previous layout, and a paused next layout. I changed your cap so it fades to the next color at start of layout to show an example of how to make this work for you.

    download here

    also in the cap is an example if you don't want something gradual like that, to simulate the start of layout coming after the transition, just replace:

    Start of Layout


    System:Compare Time:greater than or equal to:(length of transition),

    of course replacing (length of transition) with the actual length of the transition. probably best to set it to a global variable ('transitionlength'), so you only have to change it in one place.

    nilesh, I could not reproduce the crash.

    even when I used warpfade transition. please try the above file, and see if it crashes for you. the actual transition code is beyond the scope of my programming knowledge, but if this file doesn't crash for you, you can send me your cap, or narrow it down yourself, and see if it crashes only when a certain object is present, or when a certain behavior is on an object, or maybe only when you have certain actions on start of layout. just taking stuff out of your cap until it stops crashing. there is always a possibility I can find a problem that doesn't require an understanding of the actual transition code to fix.

  • Lucid - I have a feeling this is where the larger issue is, baring anything drastic in the transition code. The events for layout 2 start running on layout 1, at the start of the transition where there can be discrepancies, Objects that are not present on layout 1, equations that won't work, code that doesn't make sense out of context. Most of this just gives poor outcomes like the sprite colours being wrong in my example, but what about events that can't handle being wrong?

    Your modification effectively works around the issue. I ran into it years ago and am now capable of skirting it in other ways, but seeing as you were interested in taking a look I thought it might be helpful to have this example.

  • thank u for ur support but i did manage a workaround for the problem! i can use them properly now! thanks again <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Nilesh - Well, what was it?

  • i had many moving objects in the main menu. so wen i used warpfade to go to "options" layout in my game, the earlier layout caused now wen i go to main menu i use fade effect which doesnt cuz any problem!

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