Transfering stuff from one Construct to another

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  • It seems that it takes quite a lot of time to make a game with Construct. One pretty obvious reason is that I can only use 1 Construct program per project and cannot copy paste stuff from one project to another.

    Is there a way to transfer things like layouts, event sheets, etc from one project to another? I have tested that animation frames can be transfered and that their hotspots can be copied as well. Since I'm with a team of 3, the other 2 are not able to help whenever we're working with Construct. It would be better if the 3 of us could just do each of their tasks in 3 separate Constructs and just copy paste it all in one project so that it would be a lot faster and efficient.

    Any ideas on this? Should I even try to suggest this in the Feature Request board? Or is it already been asked.... Why so many questions... bla bla bla... Thanks for any help guys. Yeah!!!

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  • There are certain issues with copy&pasting between projects, so I tend to avoid it where possible. Copy&pasting graphics etc. is safe, but events, objects and stuff aren't so safe.

    I tend to create a project template, barebone .cap, which includes the basics that I repeat a lot, then I create new projects from that template.

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