Transfer a character between layers

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  • I have another problem

    Can I "transfer" a character between layers? Or I'm forced to create a new sprite with all actions and attibutes and define it's spawn point?

  • Just curious why do you want to change the layer? Why not start with it on the proper layer to begin with. Or put it on it's own layer?

  • I have a really big layout, app. 12800x800, but it's not enough I'm afraid that operating on such big layouts, with many sprites, animations and events will choke my computer.

  • First you say layers, then you start talking about layouts. Which is it? I assume you meant layouts.

    If you want to change where the character is at runtime...

    The yes, you have to create a new sprite, or have one already in the layout ready to be repositioned if needed based on initialization global variables (if you need the character to come out of certain door based on where he came in last, for instance). There is no transfering. And if there were, it would just be creating a new one. Lesson one, computers are dumb.

    However, if you just want to add your character to a different layout in the IDE, then just copy and paste him into the new layout. Objects are global to the application, but only visible in non local event sheets. So you won't be able to reference objects in events which are not on the layout if your editing the layout's local event sheet. In global event sheets you use any objects in the application. Copying and pasting the object to another layout just instances it there.

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  • Oh my god, I'm so stupid! Of course it was a typo - I mean layouts

    Thanks for your answer!

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