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  • Hello, I tried the shadow-caster and light behaviour for this one but it did not work, just glitched.

    I'm trying to create a lighting system the same as a torch.

    The game is along the lines of: You're a man in an abandoned place and you have a flash-light and you have to do things while un-natural things happen etc.. (y'know those kind of games).

    Anyway, I'm gonna search the forums and I'll let you know if I find anything to help me.

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  • A better description of the glitch would help to sort it out, but arriving to the conclusion to first search in the forums makes it kinda up ;)

    I suggest you read and understand this first.

    Furthermore, keep in mind that the object having the shadowcaster behavior will not draw a shadow underneath it, only having the box (or custom shape) outlines as reference. Maybe that was the glitch you experienced.

    Good luck!

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