On the topic of Velocity.

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  • Is there a way to set the Velocity of a Platform or Psychics Sprite? Or should I just repeatedly change the X and Y?

  • Oh wow, that was the 3,000th thread in this section

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  • Yes, when choosing a new action, at the the top of the window listing the possible actions, there are tabs to choose actions related to behaviors applied to the object

  • Really... because when I checked the Physics tab, it was empty. Strange, I'll doublecheck.

  • It's there.

    For one of your conditions, click "New action." Choose the object you have the Physics behavior applied to. Go to the Physics tab. At the bottom, there should be a Velocity section with an option that says "Set velocity." It will ask you to input the X and Y components of velocity for the object.

    You can also read the object's velocity instead of setting it. If you want something to happen when the velocity in the x direction reaches a certain level, for example, you could do the following:

    Insert event --> System --> Compare --> select the "Value 1" field --> select the object from the list of objects at the bottom of the window --> go to the Physics tab --> choose "Get velocity x component"

    You can then choose the value to compare the x velocity to. When you're done, you'll have a new condition on the event sheet. You can then add actions to that condition which will execute when the condition is met.

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