Top view rpg-style controllable shadows.

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  • Hi everyone,

    i'm definitely new to construct, and i'm searching for a method to drop soft dynamic deformed shadows on the ground using my character. i tried the light object, but it doesn't render the effect I expect. Then, i've tried to copy my animated character, overlay its color using a shader, then blur it... but still, i'd like to find a more suitable technique that permits me to modify it dynamically, maybe using the event editor (to be used with a night/day system), and moreover to deform it in perspective, as the shadows you can see in old school top view rpgs (like diablo 2).

    Could please someone tell me how to achieve that ?

    <img src="">

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Aside from the Shadow Caster behavior, your options are a dummy skewed horizontally, a distort map, or a pre rendered shadow.

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