Toby Turner Video Game Problem

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  • Okay, so I know Toby Turner and I started making this video game for him because I'd made a mock 8bit video game intro on Youtube (

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    ) that got some play and everyone said that they wanted to see a real game.

    The last time I programmed something was on a TI-82 graphing calculator in Calculus class in high school, so even with Construct's UI, I feel like I've just been blundering through this process.

    To start off I just used Jason Younger's Platform School as the base and tried to tweak it to see how it worked inside out. Basically it's his program with mods, so Deadeye, if we ever get anywhere with this thing and there comes a day when money is involved, you will be getting royalties one way or another, because I couldn't have made this without Platform School. But we're a long way from money changing hands at this point.

    And while the game sucks right now (I'm a terrible animator and as you will see game-maker), there is a built-in market for it being that Toby Turner has well over a million subscribers, at least 200,000 of whom follow his every move.

    So, all that said, here's the link to the cap:

    I don't know guys. It was going fine. I had a playable first level with some easter-eggy fun and inside jokes for the fans, but due to patched-up attempts at cobbling logic together, I had to make some serious changes to the flow, and employ some branching and when I did, now the whole thing is buggy.

    I just don't know if it's even salvageable at this point.

    I'm lost.

    Thanks Scirra and Forum peeps. I really love the program. I've learned a lot, but I've dug this hole too deep this time to find a way out on my own.


    Ford Seeuws

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  • Oh, I forgot to mention that I included two actions in the main event sheet(setting global variable "level" to 1 and setting Player X to 3800) that served to make the character skip the first layout and put him right before the part where the glitches were happening.

    The game isn't supposed to start that way, but I was trying to troubleshoot the problems that happen when he encounters the main troll.

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