timescale question

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  • im just looking into timescale stuff,

    i want to set the timescale to 0 and then give orders to my units,

    when completed set to 1 and the orders are carried out

    the only problem i can see is with the sound, like if you have a background sound or clicksound,

    i was thinking of adjusting the pitch to normal speed, is this posible?, any other idea's or suggestions

  • You could put things into groups, disable them, and use variables to cue up orders or something, then re-enabling the groups to play out the orders given. If you keep the sound out of those groups, it shouldn't be effected (such as with music). Would that work?

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  • no, not with timescale, timescale is global, but i was thinking of countering the effect where needed like with slowdowned sounds, the pro is with timescale you got an instant pauze effect , while doing eventwise, will complicate things but could be the only solution

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