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  • Hi!

    Im planning to do a top down game which will use ALOT of different textures. It will consist of 100's of sectors which will be loaded from array files.

    I was wondering why does the "Load texture from file" option create alot of overhead?

    My FPS when using "preset" textures is around 2000 at 16000 tiles.

    (YES I need that size for the layout and NO it is NOT a performance issue...)

    But when using "load texture from file" it shrinks to mere 500.

    Does it have to be like that? :)

    I mean when you add all the sprites, ai, LOS, sfx etc etc that 500 will not last long. ;P

    My idea was to edit the files outside the game and you would see the changes ingame. Kinda lika a mod feature. And to be able to polish everything outside the game instead of restating everything in the event sheet editor.

    Any ideas?


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