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  • Hey, I'm pretty new with construct and I'm kind of struggling to figure out a good way to do tilesets. As far as I can tell there's no built-in support for tilesets except for grid snapping. Right now I just have a 32x32 sprite object that has lots of tiles as different frames. I just set the animation speed to 0 and then change the sprite frame to whatever tile I need. But this still seems really cumbersome compared to a built-in tileset editor. Also I'm concerned having all the tiles as objects would incur an unnecessary performance hit since I only need the image of the tiles. I was planning to do the collision stuff on a different layer.

    So I'm mainly asking for advice. What would be some alternatives to the way I'm doing it? Even better if a plug-in exists for it. I tried searching some other topics for tilesets but most of them were very vague and/or very old.

    Also - not to complain, but from a fresh point of view on the project I was surprised at there being no official tileset plug-in this close to a 1.0 release. Or maybe I'm overlooking something. Either way, I'm still very impressed with construct so far. Keep up the good work and thanks for your efforts Devs!

  • The way you're doing it is fine, don't worry about performance unless you have tiles that are non-power-of-2, or are very large, or if you have a few hundred different kinds of tiles.

    Yes, I agree that a Tileset plugin would be cool. David was working on one a while back, but it was never finished and it was a little buggy, and the interface was never completed. Hopefully someone will come up with a tileset solution because there is a need for it, and people ask about it periodically.

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  • Ok, that's reassuring. Game Maker is my usual weapon of choice and I'm use to having to constantly think about performance and that usually means using as little objects as possible.

    Thanks for your help, deadeye.

  • yeah it's overkill to use one sprite for each image if you won't use collisions, yet it's really annoying to set the frame manually for each time.

    My suggestion: make a simple level editor. Have it output the frame number. Then in your game load this level and set the sprites to the proper frame.

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