2 Things, one question, one problem.

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  • First the question: Is there any way to have user controlled platform movements using the platform behavior.

    The problem: When I go to run the Layout in non-debug mode it crashes at run time. With debug mode it runs fine. And if i compile to an .exe it runs fine too... any ideas about why this happens?

  • What do you mean "user controlled platform movement?" The platform behavior is already, by default, user controlled.

    Do you mean the platform behavior isn't working for you? What are you trying to do, specifically?

  • sorry for the unclear description...

    Im trying to make it so that the user can input their own controls instead of setting them in construct. so if they want to use space for jump instead of shift they can change an option in a menu.

  • There is no support yet for defining controls at runtime. It's on Ashley's to-do list.

    I'm not even sure how you would go about making your own customizable controls. How exactly are you doing it? And if you post your .cap, someone might be able to help out.

  • If you had the ability to overwrite the controls at run time you could load them from an .ini file. So instead of having say W as move left it could be a line of code to load in the key from a line in an .ini file.

    You would have to have the ability to change the controls on the fly not define them in construct. If you cant change the platform controls while your game is running then its not possible to do what i want as of right now. Thanks for your responses. The only other way I can see doing it would be to make a custom platform movement But I don't have the know how to make a good one right now...

  • Even if you made a custom platform movement, you still wouldn't be able to set your controls at runtime. Not until there's support for it.

    There might possibly be a way to do it with just alphanumeric keys, but special character keys (the arrows, Shift, Ctrl, Space, etc,) wouldn't be an option.

  • I dont know if this could be possible, but you can edit the commands in construct dont u? So, if you put an event, press space, can't you put define control in the actions? If no, just suggest to Ashley.

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  • There is no support yet for defining controls at runtime. It's on Ashley's to-do list.

  • I tried using a basic custom platform movement no luck... Guess I will just have to wait for it. Thank you for your help though it is mush appreciated. You wouldn't happen to know Anything about the second thing in the post would you?

    Also I think i found a bug in the Families but i'm not sure. If you have any event where you would type in a family name (Flying in my case) then get a Value. If you type the value name in the wrong case it will cause a crash. so if i typed Flying.Value('xrange') and the variable was really "Xrange" it would create the event but when it ran it would cause construct to crash...

  • Can you post a .cap file (made from scratch) to the tracker with steps to reproduce the crash?

    You could theoretically have customisable controls with a custom platform movement. You could have different groups of events with different key input events, and enable/disable them. This would just mean changing between preset controls, though - not full customisability.

  • Its been posted. The problem is though is it will delete the event with the bug when you open the Cap. I commented on how to recreate the event so it causes the crash.

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