text size on screen not to lie

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  • screenshot is pretty self explanitory, check the bottom text in the running app and then check it on the editor! please make text sizes not lie, thanks

  • Hmm, the layout editor and application runtime render strings using completely different engines. I haven't worked out how to make them use the same units of size... you'll have to go by trial and error for now, sorry!

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  • Hmm, is it not possible to use the same engine, what's the point in using two different ones, creates situations like this which is more work for you!

  • Because the layout editor is rendered with DirectX, and the app runtime isn't (just plain old Windows). For some reason DirectX uses pixel heights for fonts instead of Windows' point size. As soon as I figure out how to tell what point size a pixel height is, I can fix it...

  • I'm not sure about this (in fact I'm 90% sure it won't work but it won't hurt to try) but Ashley, if you tried setting the DirectX to put the fonts at "*pt" rather than just the number. I know this is used to specify points size in HTML.

    Alternatively, work on the standard of 12pt = 16px high (or 1pt=1px on Mac, because they use 72DPI rather than 96DPI). For every 3pt add 1px and refine it from that. I just work with 14, it's good enough.

    Or could you possibly set the application runtime to use px as its font measurement? Or allow users to append pt/px/em etc. to their sizes (this may already work, but I doubt it)

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