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  • Hi

    The problem is the following!

    I need to pick up all the processes names of the User using "Process.GetProcessNames".

    But, When I use this expression, it returns all the names of processes, and some unwanted characters as: { } [ ] , "

    That hinder, when I use the string,

    Like for example when I use the expression "Find()"

    Or when I use the string in any other expressions, whenever an error occurs or does not work, because of special characters.

    Using the Text Manipulator i can remove the caracters : { } [ ] ,

    But the Quotation mark -> "

    I can not!

    Syntax Error Always!

    Is there any way to create a Syxtax to remove the Quotation Mark?

    I thought I'd even change the Plugin "Process.csx" to return only the names of all processes, without the special characters when I use the "Process.GetProcessNames".

    Have searched the forum, I've tried a lot of ways,

    All unsuccessful attempts!

    Is there any form to do this? Some method?

    Thank you!

  • Use a double quote.


    """fish""" --> "fish"

    """" --> "

    "This is a quote:("")" --> This is a quote:(")

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  • *-*

    It worked!

    Thank you so much R0J0hound : D

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