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  • EDIT 2: It happened again

    EDIT: Nevermind, I fixed it.

    Im using Construct 0.99.97 and this has never happened before.Suddenly all texts became blurred and I cant find a way to return them to normal. Ive tried turning antiallising off, but it didnt help. I dont have any blur effects applied eather.Newly added text objects and buttons are also blurred even in a new project. Why did this happen?

    Heres a screenshot :

    btw Im using windows 7

  • Bump. Please, anyone. Do I have to completely reinstall construct everytime this happens? Doesn't anyone else have this problem?

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  • What is the text object's position? Is it whole or real numbers? Ideally it should be whole number coordinates, as text on real (float) coordinates renders differently, if I recall correctly.

  • The text object position is in whole numbers.Setting them to decimals didn't change anything.D: I've just noticed : when I apply any effect (ex. darken,alpha text,black and white) to the text or button object they look normal , but if i remove the effect they get blurry again. Weird.

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