Temporary Pause Grid Movement when Dialogue?

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  • Hi, is it possible to disable the controls in an RPG when the characters are talking?

    So far this is what I did:

    On function "Interaction":

    • set layer "HUD" visible
    • write text function.param(1)
    • sprite_player: deactivate grid movement

    Subevent: on player pressed "Control 1"

    • sprite_player: activate grid movement

    Basically Control 1 is like the Use key. Then I call the function:

    Player overlaps Grandmother + player1 press "Control 1"

    • Function add parameter "Hello child!"
    • Function call function "Interaction"

    So far when I run it works, except the player can still move around when grandma is talking, which I don't want. Like, say, Pokemon, the player must wait until dialogue is finished and presses the A button before he can move again. How can this be done?

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  • You have to put everything in seperate groups and disable/enable group with events, that way you can easy make a custom pause in your game.

    Plus you have to pause your animations.

  • Been trying all day with groups... Can't seem to make it work? Because gridmovement is a behaviour, not an event?

    Can you upload an example, please? T__T

  • To prevent the behaviour, you do a Player> start ignoring user input,

    for all the movements that you defined yourself, you put them in a group and do a system > disable group

    Else, you could actually try to make your dialogues with timelines, it was easier for me : scirra.com/forum/timeline-example-for-game-dialogue_topic36147_page1.html

  • Thanks guys =)

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