temp2.exe has stopped working

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  • hi all, over the last few days, construct has started to throw out this message when i try and run a layout, it takes up to 10 attempts to get it working.

    can anyone assist?

    thanks as always.

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  • try a fresh cap, and see if it has the same problem.

    if it doesn't, somethings wrong with that particular cap

  • well, i tried a blank direct x game and and i got a blank screen up straight away every time i ran it.

    what could be wrong with it?

  • what's the cap doing exactly? is it a small or large eventsheet?

    we need to narrow down the possible causes

    post a cap file to make it easier, or if you don't want to upload your cap:

    one way would be to save your cap

    start deleting random chunks of it, and see when it stops crashing

    when it stops crashing reload it, and start deleting smaller chunks of only the part that was causing the crash

    once you have at least a general idea of where the problem is, paste a screenshot of that part of the cap

    if you can delete the entire event sheet without fixing the crash, that means the problem is a certain construct object, or a corrupt capfile(less likely)

    if it's an object, you should be able to start deleting objects and running it until you fix the crash, and then you know the object

  • the cap is a pretty hefty action game, its a rather large event sheet, I'll try deleting objects first, then chunks of code..will take a while though

  • Most crashes I've found have been from events. Try deleting events first. You don't even have to delete them, you can put them in a disabled group. Do large chunks at a time, like half the events on the first try, to narrow it down quickly.

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