Teleporting an object (NPC) from one layout to another?

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  • I was thinking, since I don't clearly know how to do this (or is it even possible) to transfer an object or most likely an NPC upon stepping on another object twould teleport that NPC to another layout or map much like how the player would be teleported also.

    Is it possible? If so, how?

    Another is that, can the NPC retain all its modified stuff? Lets say this NPC got a power up or something and a new sprite for it will be displayed, will it still be retained upon going to another layout?

    Why I ask? Well, from my previous post somewhere, I said something about making an RPG using Construct so I guess that would fill you guys in on my topic.

  • Yes, it is possible. Just make sure you make your NPC global and any objects he carries with him global. Then just set the position of your NPC to wherever you want when you enter the new layout. Some use coordinates others place them to some invisible "spawn" object. I would show you how to do this , but I already have in part 4 of the adventure tutorial in the tutorial section. Just reuse the example for the main Mikey character and apply it to your NPC.

  • Oh is that so? I see, well thanks. Now all I need to do is look for that tutorial you're talking about. BTW, how do I make an object global? I didnt even know that there was global and local objects omg.

  • I didnt even know that there was global and local objects omg.

    Don't feel bad. I'm pretty sure I still don't know half of the stuff Construct can do. It's a really powerful tool. To make an object global, check the "global" tab in the object's properties. It's in the same place as where you change the object's name. In the first three part's of the tutorial, that kind of stuff is covered:

    An RPG is probably one of the harder things to make so make sure you have a good grasp of the basics otherwise it will be really frustrating. However, I'm sure you will be able to find lots of help on the forum!

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  • Yeah I know I will. Thanks a lot scidave. Guess thats one question slashed in my imaginative "To ask List"

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