What takes up the most VRAM?

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  • I'm wondering about this mostly in regards to background tile objects, and sprite objects. I've heard that background tile objects take up more VRAM than sprites. If that's the case, wouldn't it be better to use sprites in place of background tile objects? Instead of stretching out a BG tile object, just copying and pasting a sprite over and over? What's the advantage BG tile objects would have over sprites? Well... I guess if you needed to move a large BG tile object that's been stretched out in the middle of gameplay, that would be easier...

  • Tiled BG objects use the same amount of vram as sprites, given it's the same image. Tiled BG objects just allow you to stretch the object and have it tile, while only using one object. The advantage to only using one object is less CPU overhead. With 500 sprites arranged in a tiled formation, your using up (around) 500x the number of CPU cycles as you would with a Tiled BG object. Objects which exist use up CPU time, so it's best to try to cut down on the total number of objects in the layout. (ie, don't go over a few thousand). Using one object instead of many allows you to save CPU time, not vram.

  • So I guess when it comes down to single background objects, like, say, a cloud, or a sun, it doesn't really matter which one you choose between tiled BG or sprite?

    Also, did something happen in the latest version of Construct? It seems to be way more powerful and faster in terms of performance than before. I'm not talking about Construct itself of course, but the games you make. Before there was a definite jump in lag when pausing my game, and under certain conditions in the pause menu, even more lag, but now I'm not seeing anything like that at all. The game's moving faster than ever. Did something happen with the last update to enhance performance?

  • Not that I know of. I know there was an update to performance a pretty long time ago though, by Ashley. There also might have been a rollback on something, which makes it run faster.

  • There was a bug not many versions ago (I don't remember how many) that was fixed that had been causing big performance hits in some .caps.

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  • It could be that, or it could be something else. I'm using someone else's laptop, but we have the exact same kind. For some reason, things are running more smoothly on his, and I wondered if it had something to do with the new versions of Construct. But maybe I had MY laptop on power-saving or something. When I set his down to power-saving, I kinda got the same laggy effects in my game as I did on my laptop. It could've just been that, as well. ^_^;

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