System: Create Object not working???

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  • These events are working exactly like I would expect...

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The System: Create Object event does not appear to be creating any objects. The event is triggering though, because it does change the DEBUG text.

    Also if I use a Spawn Object at Object event, it works fine. But I want to spawn the Rocket sprite relative to x, y coordinates and not another sprite.

    I can't figure out why it's not working like I would expect.

  • First, I would suspect your condition aimdown overlaps enemy(negated) is the main issue. Inverted conditions are a bit picky on what will work, especially if your trying to use multiple instances.

    Might try for each, or do a system distance()comparison.

    Second, floor doesn't really help here as random wont return a decimal, unless you feed it one.

  • Yes, removing the inverse trigger worked. Thank you. I don't exactly understand why it was the problem, but I can write the event another way. Thank you.

  • I still used the inverse condition, just with 2 sub events instead of one.

    In general though, is it better to use other positive conditions than negative ones?

  • Just have to test on an as per basis, but as a rule of thumb you might try to not use it unless you have to.

  • Thank you so much for the help and info. It alleviated and avoided much frustration.

  • ... On further review the problem is still persisting.

    The System: Spawn Sprite is working in other places in the event editor.

    The event is triggering, because other things I put in the same place as the System: Spawn is triggering.

    It works if I use Spawn Object from another sprite instead of from System...

    But it still isn't working, even when I removed the negative condition.

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  • Well if random(3)= 2 isn't exactly 50/50 chance wise.

  • I know that too... that was intentional. Anyway, I got it to work. It had something to do with the layer name not being correct or something. I changed the layer name and changed it back and it works okay now for some reason... Anyway, yay. and thanks.

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