Sync events to music on every PC without speed changes

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  • Hi!

    I'd like to try to make a demo (to say it short if you don't know what it is: kind of a video clip music but in real time) using Classic Construct.

    So I need to sync perfectly each event to each part of the song.

    That's ok.

    However I've read in some topics that there could be speed issues depending on which computer people will run the .exe... so my animation could be desynchronised.

    I'm not a coder nor an expert and I wanna try to do it for fun but I need to be sure that my demo will be the same & work on every computer... or at least on any "decent/casual" computer from nowadays ^^

    So what are your thoughts about that & how could I be sure that my events will be sync with the music on any computer?

    Thanks for your enlightment

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