Switching characters between layouts

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  • Hi everyone!

    Just today i started losing my head on this great piece of software and now i seem to be stuck would gladly appreciate any help

    Basically I'm trying to go for a Metroidvania platformer in which the player can control multiple characters and switch between them freely (starting with two, plan to make three).

    I was able to get the characters to switch properly in one given layout, but when it comes to multiple layouts things get a bit complicated. I would like the player to place characters in different rooms and quickly switch between them in order to solve some puzzles.

    Now, i don't seem to properly understand how the Global Property works for objects. I am not able to move characters to the next layout and even if i get some results, by putting in one copy for each layout, all my global events stop working (animations and so on). Much less being able to switch between layouts.

    I tinkered around with families, global variables, private variables and so on, but nothing seem to work. any advice?

  • Perhaps post a capx.

    Edit: apologies, just noticed this is in the construct classic section.

  • Made up a quick example cap, is this what you're looking for? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4714446/3CharSwitch.cap

  • YES! Great! thank you so much

    I didn't think of activating and deactivating the behaviors. I resorted to sending the players who didn't belong to the layout in a small box in the sky, but everyone was always falling -.-

    thank you again, there were also a lot of nice tricks in that .cap

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  • Glad to help!

  • hm i got a strange bug... basically if the character is standing in some particular spots, mostly on the edge of the layout, switching to another layout and back will cause him to be teleported without any visible reason.

    this is the .cap

    www . dropbox . com/s/2og3rxkbzcjqb22/prototype.cap (remove the spaces)

    to reproduce the bug:

    1.move the orange guy all the way up and into the door (jump with z, enter door with up arrow)

    2.move him all the way to the left

    3.switch back and forth (press 2, press 1)

    and the guy is gone. debugging shows that he is teleported up and to the left, falling out of the layout

    i am completely clueless o.o

  • Hm this is a problem with the Platform behavior still doing stuff I think I'll try and fix something up

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