SWF Wrapper or Phyton solution to display SWF files

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  • Greetings Community,

    Normally I like to introduce myself to a new community. Bashing the window and firing questions into the horde is not the best way to "get in". I�m a little short in time right now so I hope this wont get nasty if I drop the personal info for now.

    I�m on my way to create a little casual game for a client to promote her website. I�m in the middle of creating a tutorial and find it quite cumbersome to do all this animation stuff like dialog boxes popping up with an ease in effect, fading in text, moving objects to show how the player has to play. I have a bigger project in mind but it has a story and just imaging that I have to visually code every little piece of tiny animation makes me nervous. Is there any way to display SWF files? Sure it would be "master" to recieve/send variables so the whole stuff with animated menus, intros ect. could be done in flash. Right now a simple SFW display with automatic start would do it. Maybe checking if a file is at it�s end. Can this be done with Phyton?

    Again, sorry to break in and ask this but I found nothing here nor on the web.

    Thanks in advance


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