Substracting width only from the right side

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  • I know I'm not the master of thread titles, so here's an example.

    I'm developing a UI backend to use in my new game (That Namelezz Game), but the HP bar should not shrink from both directions, only from right.

    Here's a screenie:

    HP is 100 - Width is then 100.

    <img src="">

    HP is lost and width is lost - but it shrinks the sprite from both sides!

    <img src="">

    How can I make it so the width only gets substracted from the right?


    Just as I finished writing I just changed the hotspot to the left corner and it worked, nevermind

  • If you use Sprite to render this counter:

    Try putting Pivot Point in the top-left corner

    If you use Box for example named MyBox or any other object:

    I'd recommend using Sprite showing bar when full

    But you can also always set this MyBox's X position. Let's say Box's starting X position is stored in value ('startX') and starting width in value ('startWidth'). Then in events you can make:

    Event #1:


    -> Always (every tick)


    -> MyBox . Set X Position to: MyBox('startX') - (MyBox('startWidth') - MyBox.Width) / 2.

    Maybe there are more optimal solutions but I don't mind wasting 1000 CPU cycles per frame ^^.

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  • Yes, the pivot point trick worked! Thanks.

    Now JAWS (Just Another Window System) is even greater

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