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  • How do I have objects that aren't on any particular layout until they're created? I've got stuff that needs to appear later (or sometimes not at all, really) and I don't know how to do such a thing without just keeping some off to the side, which is not the best idea in this case.

  • Check "Destroy on startup" in the Attributes section of the object's properties.

    Then when you need to create it during run-time, use the System action "Create object."


    Oh, you mean you don't want them cluttering up the layout itself while you're working in the IDE? I dunno. You'll just have to stick them somewhere. You could always just use the Hide feature if they're in your way or whatever.

    Edit 2:

    The "Hide Selected" option appears not to be working (it's grayed out). But the "Hide Unselected" and "Unhide All" are working ok.

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  • I suppose that'll have to do, I guess. Thanks.

  • Yeah, you need to have at least 1 instance of an object existing in some layout so Construct knows what object properties to give newly created objects. You could always have an unused layout where you throw your spare instances (they'll never be created if you never go to the layout).

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