Too stupid and blind to find one thing -.-

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  • Well is there "negate" condition somewhere? Like in MMF2?

    If there isnt i need to do so much fixing...

  • Right click on event and then "Invert Condition"

  • Select the condition, right click it, invert condition is in the contextual menu.

    Dont misunderstand as "select the event"

    If you click on the start of the block, you select the event, and its tree.

    If you click on the text making up the condition, you select the condition.

  • Ty again i just was too blind. That helped a lot.

  • Oh and one small and fast quetion. About physics.

    If my car hits cone how i make so that the cone moves?

    Yeah i know stupid question but im new to Construct...

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  • As long as you dont know what modus is .... you cant ask stupid questions here,

    only answer stupid.

    And let me try on that last one.

    Your question is a little to general. Create a small .cap. Containing the situation and the 2 objects.

    Its easier to answer specific questions.

  • Well the general problem now what i have is that i cant get physics work!

    I made test with same options as in physics template but mine doesnt work!

  • Start off with renaming the behavior to something without "s p a c e s". And call the behavior by that name in the events.

    If that dont do it for you, then plz trow in a .cap.

  • Found the problem. I had made my map 40000 pixels height yeah i know that thats much^^

    the physics worked well when in top but when i moved em to bottom they didnt work.

  • Physics have setted "World Map" so if any object is removed from it then it wont work. Ashley is working on it.

  • Okay hehe well its okay i made my game just had to change my concept a bit. Its short but i just made it to test physics and shadows and bumpmapping and i have to say it looks pretty good. And i got feeling that it might not run on too old pcs when u got lots of blocks. My pc had constant 50fps (limited to it dont know why but i felt good ). If anyone want to try it:

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