String/rope for Kendama HELP PLEASE(2)

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  • Hi All, New to construct and have been working on virtual Kendama for a few weeks now, and have pretty much nailed all interactions between ball and sword(handle). Still really struggling with the string/rope mechanic though. Have trawled the site and tried the various methods implemented in other *caps such as hinge and bonemovement, but not getting anywhere. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

  • hi. caps images and details help. good luck

  • id think physics would be your best option here, since it would be the easiest to set up. ropes are a tricky thing to make, and a cap file would be the best way to show you how to do it. but i don't have time since i need to go school in 15 minutes. try playing around with loops. you should give your string nodes (link on the chain/string) a variable called id. when you create oh lets say 30 of them at the start of the layout using a loop. and set their id to the loop index, so that the nodes have ordered numbers in their id value. then using the family picking hack, you make a "for each node" and then choose the family assigned to your nodes, lets say "red" and add a condition so that it looks like this

    -for each node

    -red pv "ID" is eqaul to "node('ID')+1" (it can be minus one also, watever works better)

    then youd make an action like, node create hinge to object red, or vice versa.

    its kinda complicated, and if this all going over your head ask me to make a cap and ill do it for u

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  • Hi and many thanks for the response. As for it going a little over my head, your right. A cap example would be greatly appreciated. Sadly i am unable to upload my cap as my work computer blocks upload transfers. If your familiar with Kendama, The mouse moves the handle around the screen, the mouse wheel rotates the handle clock and counter-clockwise. I am able to phsycally throw the ball into the air by shifting mouse up, and the ball interacts well, landing on cups and spike, bouncing off missed catches, just cannot for the love of god get anything remotely string/rope like to attache to the ball and handle to work.

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