Strange new image editor problem...

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  • This just started today and I can't figure out what it causing it.

    When I use either the wand or color select tool in the image editor to select an area that I want to erase it immediately starts to fade and delete part of the selected space as soon as I click on it.

    <img src="">

    This is the image before I click on the green space to select it...

    <img src="">

    ...and this is what happens when I click on it.

    At first I thought it was just an error related to version .99 but now ALL of my versions of Construct do it. I tried uninstalling every version that I had and then I restarted and installed version .989 (which never had this problem). No luck, .989 is doing it too.

    The strange thing is that when I made the "2.5d" .cap that I posted in the upload section I didn't have this problem. The only thing different than usual that I did today was I opened an old .cap and after adding some images I created a sprite of a box and I changed it's transparency.

    It isn't a .cap-related problem because it happens with all of my old .caps and any new file that I create.

    A few more pics, in case this helps anyone guess what could be causing this (the box select tool also fades and deletes pixels).

    <img src="">

    Before using color select

    <img src="">

    After using color select

  • Actually what I think is happening is the images your tying to work on have a few artifacts, or noise.

    What may look like just one color sometimes really isn't, this happens a lot especially when dealing with images with an alpha channel.

    If you take a look at the first image, on the green part you wanted selected, you'll see a slight difference around the border.

  • If you take a look at the first image, on the green part you wanted selected, you'll see a slight difference around the border.

    I didn't notice that before...

    But that just means that there's another problem. I created that picture using Construct's image editor and after zooming in close I can see that the box tool isn't creating a single solid color.

    Before this problem happened I could click on the black surrounding this character and it would select everything properly so that it would look like the top image. Now when I import, select and delete the black space it looks like the bottom.

    <img src="">

    I dunno... maybe I should try uninstalling and reinstalling DirectX. I haven't been able to find any posts from people with similar problems.

  • I normally run Windows XP from my primary hard drive so I tried booting Windows 2000 from my secondary drive and opening Construct (from the same folder that I've been using on XP). The image editor works just fine on 2000.

    I've tried uninstalling all versions of Construct, reinstalling DirectX and even running a registry cleaner but nothing helps. Does anyone have any suggestions other than reinstalling XP?

  • Bleahhhh. I hate reinstalling windows and all of my drivers.

    At least it fixed the problem. I wish I knew what caused it in the first place so I could avoid it (if possible), but at least Construct is working properly again.

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  • That's really weird. I can't say I've heard of this problem before, but it does sound driver related, so it's a good job you got it fixed.

  • I dont get it, png is a loss less format, so there shouldn't be any change from one to another.

    Now if the images were jpg, that might explain a few things.

    Is it possible something's happened to .99's compression of images in the editor?

  • No, still stored the same.

  • In case anyone ever gets a similar problem to this I think I found the solution.

    After reinstalling XP Construct .989 worked properly for me until I installed version .992 today. The same problem started happening again (with both versions) so I went into the 3d settings of my video card (Radeon 9800pro) and I tried setting "Support DXT texture formats" to disabled.

    That seems to have cleared up all of the weird image editor problems and now both .989 and .992 are working normally.

    Soooo... luckily no one else has encountered this problem, but if you have then hopefully this will help.

  • Good tip! Added it to the wiki FAQ.

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